Who We Work With

We work with ambitious clients who need to trust their data, rely on their analysis and test their hypothesis. Clients who work with Search Integration are those that have the ambition to be leaders in digital growth. Below are a selection of those:

Search Integration were there to help and provide sound advice when facing the challenge of trying to effectively articulate a value proposition on the complicated subject of data strategy in a way that a senior audience can understand and really buy into. Very valuable!

Jessie Wilson

Search Integration was great to work with. They provided clear and concise SEO findings and helped ASU by creating technical documentation for developing SEO best practice implementations. Therefore I was keen on working them again in my new role at USFCA. I’ve worked with Brian Clifton on multiple occasions since 2011. Brian has always been generous with his knowledge, personable and professional. His experience spanning digital channels has been an enormous asset helping to solve some complex analytics problems and in mentoring me at USFCA.

John Devoy, Assistant Vice Provost Digital Marketing Strategy and Online Enrollment Management

We were very happy with our previous Google Adwords partner, so we hesitated when asked to try Search Integrations methodology. We were surprised to see that we could gain more revenue and have never looked back. The team and its’ ambitious staff performs every time and we are very pleased with the cooperation.

Rickard Lyko, CEO

We learned a successful way of handling and operating when creating visibility and setting up new pages as well as improving existing. Very valuable. Search Integration supported us and had an excellent, hands-on training in how to write for the web with many useful tips.

Jan Ramirez, Head of Sales Consumer Finance at SEB

Search Integration considered all aspects to our data, how it was collected, where it was stored/accessed and how it was used. They did this far ahead of understanding the role our actual website played, and the corresponding analytics data. This approach really impressed me since all too often I’ve seen other people getting lost in the small details. In short he takes a big-picture approach.

Brian and his team are great fun to work with. They are all highly-intelligent and also have a great energy in their office. Their help goes beyond what is scoped in your project.

Anthony Osborn

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