What We Do?

We help organisations get smart with Google Analytics, SEO and paid search marketing by growing your in-house expertise…

Google Analytics & Data Quality

As an official Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, we have the expertise and experience to not only fix data quality issues, but also build you a data platform that you can rely on and can efficiently grow as your digital channels develop.

A recent study by Infotrust/Forrester found that 70% of Marketers believe they have poor quality or inconsistent data. We have built a unique auditing tool for assessing your Google Analytics data quality – in terms of its setup as well as data governance e.g. GDPR. Read more >>

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We help you understand the myriad of content enhancements, as well as zoom out to take a broader view of managing and building a solid long-term process for SEO.

Our approach is to integrate our know-how by running a SEO program with your team, so that over time your organisation becomes self sufficient, rather than ongoing retainer. We have built our SEO reputation over the past 10 years by working with complex websites such as: Thule Group, Volvo, TetraPak and Pricespy.  Read more >>

Paid Search Marketing, Google Display Network and YouTube

We can increase performance in paid search and digital media by our detailed oriented approach and long experience from working with large , multi-campaign sites. Cannibalisation analysis between SEO and Paid Search can help you save a lot of money and the Search Integration team bring this assessment to your attention as early in the process.

Once your campaigns are optimised, we adapt our mission to your size, ambition and potential. Either running your digital ad and search campaigns for you, or enabling your staff to bring this in-house with Search Integration as a mentor. We also help evaluate or integrate with programmatic platforms like DoubleClick if applicable. Read more >>

Typical services we deliver:

  • SEO requirements for launching a new or migrating an old website – not lose any valuable SEO credit you earned. 
  • Google Analytics data quality audits – deep dive assessment for quality assurance and GDPR compliance.  
  • Data quality monitoring service –  verify consistency for date comparisons and GDPR compliance.
  • Dashboarding – Extract data from Google Analytics in a more easily digested format (we are experts in Data Studio)
  • Technical SEO Audit to understand drops in organic traffic, or cannibalisation between paid and organic search.
  • Training – how to optimise content for search engines.
  • Insights reports – how to increase traffic or streamline buying or generating new leads.
  • Keyword analysis – insights on how, when and where people search for your products or services.
  • Workshop training – Adwords, Google Display, YouTube and Bing.
  • International SEO for visibility in a global world with  Google, YouTube, Bing, Yandex, Baidu.
  • Help build your internal team – recruitment advice and interview support.

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