1 in 4 companies collect personal data in Google Analytics without realising...

Make Better Decisions With Good Data

It is stating the obvious that having poor data leads to making poor decisions. Across all markets and regions there is a widespread lack of trust in digital analytics data i.e. Google Analytics. Executives have heard the hype of big data, but most are also aware that digital analytics can contain a lot of noise, and/or junk data.

Garbage in = garbage out

The fact is, when it comes to Google Analytics (or any digital analytics tool) it is far too easy to unknowingly collect personal information that you shouldn’t, garbage data that’s meaningless, or junk data that pollutes your good data – all without realising it.

The problem is that with so much data available, these issues often go un-noticed. And because of this, web analytics struggles to be taken seriously at board level. Senior management simply do not trust the data – it fails the “smell” test as one senior executive put it to us. The result of which is decision stagnation – a lost opportunity when real insight could be so impactful.

How to get on top of your Data Quality…

Our new Verified-Data tool combats these issues (and more!) by regularly scanning your website and auditing your Google Analytics data. Its a deep dive into your data, combined with hundreds of unit tests, all displayed in an easy-to-read scorecard format. Sign up for early access.


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