Data Control to Improve Business Performance

For many organisations, Google Analytics has become the heart of the feedback loop for evaluating the performance of digital marketing. Now much more than visit and pageview counts, Google analytics has developed to enable you to understand visitor traction and their value – enabling you to target specific audiences based on their behaviour whilst on your website. However, Google Analytics is a complex product – both to setup correctly, and to interpret properly. Hence, our international reputation and official partnership status with Google.

“We believe understanding and interpreting Google Analytics reports is a skill that should be developed in-house, not outsourced.” – Sara Clifton, Founder

In the new GDPR aware world, having trusted data quality means keeping on top of your Google Analytics installation. That is, using an efficient setup (via GTM), and maximising the use of anonymous data, while at the same time culling as much noise and junk data as possible…

As official Google Analytics and GTM certified Partners we specialise in efficient, future proof setups so that you can focus on gaining insights. We continuously monitor your “engine room” – assessing the data quality of your Google Analytics reports in terms of its setup, as well as data governance checks. Welcome to the Search Integration approach – the days of a sprawling data set, that few understand and with little governance, are long gone.

Here are some useful resources to get you started:

  • Verified Data
    It is stating the obvious that having poor data leads to making poor decisions. Across all markets and regions there is widespread lack of trust in digital analytics reports. Executives have heard the hype of big data, but most are also aware that digital analytics can contain a lot of noise, and/or junk data. Step one is therefore to audit your data, followed by fixes, followed by constant monitoring. That way, you get your data house in order and protect yourself for GDPR compliance.
    > Go to Verified Data, Google Analytics Audit
  • Jumpstart Guide Google Analytics (free PDF)
    New to Google Analytics? If you do not need to be an analytics ninja, then our jumpstart guide (written by Brian Clifton) is a good way to familiarise yourself with the important concepts and terminology so that you can understand/guide your team effectively.
  • Brian Clifton was the first Head of Web Analytics for Google in EMEA. He is now our Head of Analytics and Data Insights. In his spare time(!) he has written 4 best selling books on the subject – his last one entitled: Successful Analytics: Gain Business Insights by Managing Google Analytics. Want a copy? Stop by our offices for a chat, or why not invite us to pitch a proposal…!
  • Noise or Music? The blog of Brian Clifton. Thought-through articles on Google Analytics setup and usage; Online privacy & GDPR; Data accuracy; Website usability; Conversion optimisation; and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – using data.
  • Short interviews (5 mins max) with Brian Clifton – more to come!

What are the key trends impacting the world of digital measurement and analytics?

What developments will make it more challenging to derive insights from data?


“Great partner for analysis and technical implementation of GA for E-commerce. Thorough understanding of the digital landscape and very serviceminded staff”  Patrik Grönberg, Kronans Apotek

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