Expertise to Complement Your In-house Team

Search Integration complement your in-house team by bridging the gaps between Marketing, IT and Data. We support you with deep SEO expertise and can run your paid search campaigns for you, or just mentor your team for improved performance.

Our analytical skills mean we care deeply about data quality, and hence its accuracy so that you can trust and evaluate the results. In fact, data quality is such a large part of the decision making process that we built our own auditing software based on work and books of Brian Clifton (our Director of Analytics & Data Insights).

We are proud to launch a better solution for clients using auditing tools along side our great consultants to save time, money and provide confidence in your data and organisation.


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Smart guys that get stuff done

“I worked with Search Integration whilst at Red Gate Software. They first take time to understand your business, your data-model and the challenges your business faces. They question and uncover everything. Ahead of looking at your implementation of Google Analytics. Sounds simple but this top-down approach is really important. Search Integration will help uncover clear, concise and actionable insights from your web analytics data. You’ll have fun, learn stuff and achieve phenomenal ROI” Anthony Osborn | Web Analyst | Abcam plc.

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