Data Quality

Do you trust your Google Analytics data?

Trust in your data is key if you are to make good decisions. Noise, junk data and inaccuracy are the killers of data trust – and Google Analytics is no exception to these problems. We forensically audit your data to ensure that you can keep on top of its quality so that you can make decisions in confidence.

Analysis depends on your ability to bring valid, accurate and relevant data to the table. And that means going beyond the default Google Analytics setup and having trust in its reports. In addition, drilling down into your data to discover valuable, yet smaller segment sizes poses a challenge to your data quality. This is because unlike traditional “customer analytics” where error bars get smaller as the sample size increases, web data has error bars that get larger the more data you collect.

Without a solid confidence in your data, you end up looking at noise or, worse still, similar looking data points that tell a conflicting story.


Our data quality auditing tool

Our data quality auditing tool.

We have proven tools and processes in place to help you with: 

A) Auditing your website for implementation issues.

B) Verifying your data quality ready for analysis.

C) Extracting data and building dashboards that are relevant to your needs.




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